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What will happen if we mix raven feather with frog? And if we mix mandrake root with scorpion?

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Alchemists is a board game that puts the players in the skin of an alchemist, who must mix all kinds of substances to give the correct potion. What will happen if we mix raven feather with frog? And if we mix mandrake root with scorpion?

With alchemists, each player has his own laboratory with individual boards, a note sheet and a cauldron. In it, ingredients will be mixed secretly and the deductions will be recorded from the experiments. Everything with the objective of being the alchemist with the highest reputation points once the game is over.

To do this, the game board has different actions, such as buying and selling ingredients, acquiring heroes or selling potions to certain characters in exchange for money (be careful not to give them a potion they do not ask for). For its part, it allows to do experiments with students or with oneself.

By giving a potion to a student and, with the help of the camera of the application, we will get a conclusion. That is to say, by joining several ingredients we can obtain a result: positive red, negative red, positive blue, negative blue, positive green or negative green. The answer will be marked in the laboratory by obtaining the corresponding card and, although you can see it all, the ingredients that have produced it will be kept secret, as well as the conclusions. The bad part is that, if the result is negative, the student will only accept drinking a new potion in exchange for money.

If we do not want to pay or we do not want to end their life, you can always choose to drink a potion yourself. The mechanics to follow is the same as in this case, if the result is negative, the player may paralyze, lose reputation or finish in the hospital. At the moment we are going to have several clear ideas, it is possible to publish a theory or refute another of a rival.

To publish a theory simply pay the publisher and place the result in their respective place on the board. This theory generates reputation and can be supported by other players. On the contrary, to refute a theory (and make it lose a rival's reputation), it is necessary to show why it is false.

The game takes place in different turns, in which the players will perform the actions they can. At the time the last turn is over, all the theories are verified, again with the application of the game. It is at this moment when you earn or you lose more reputation and proceed to the final count. The alchemist who has deduced in the most intelligent way and has taken advantage of his qualities to earn more reputation will become the winner.

Alchemists have two different modalities depending on their difficulty, which provide complete games and with much freedom of choice.

Recommended minimum age+13
Game time120 min. approx.
Nº of players2-4
Game typeStrategy


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What will happen if we mix raven feather with frog? And if we mix mandrake root with scorpion?

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