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The Witcher: the adventure game


Four-known heroes. Many dangerous adventures. One winner. In a dark fantasy world in which a handful of gold can mean the difference between life and death, monsters terrorize even the most civilized kingdoms. Four heroes face the darkness and embark on an adventure ...

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In a dark fantasy world in which a handful of gold can mean the difference between life and death, monsters terrorize even the most civilized kingdoms. Four heroes face the darkness and embark on an adventure, a race to uncover the truth behind the dangers earth.

The Witcher: the adventure game is a game of mystery, danger and discovery for two to four players. Play as one of four famous characters from the award-winning bestselling novels and video games. Travel the world, face the doom and terrible monsters. Gather clues and investigating mysteries to complete your adventures. Unlock unique upgrades for your character as you earn gold and reinforce your magic. You will create a story of your adventures as you play, including side quests and surprising twists! Compete against your friends (and also rivals) to demonstrate your skill in combat, magic and diplomacy. There can only be one winner! ¿Will resolve the mysteries before your rivals do? The world of The Witcher awaits you ...

The Witcher: the adventure game puts you to the world of The Witcher! This board game for 2-4 players, you adopt the role of a famous character in the series of novels and video games Witcher selling.

The Witcher: Adventure game challenges you to prove you're the best kingdom hero by completing quests, but the continent is full of dangers. You'll need all your wits and your ability to fight to survive another day.

You play with the witcher Geralt of Rivia, the sorceress Triss Merigold, the bard Dandelion or Yarpen Zigrin dwarf warrior, you must traverse the vast territories of the continent and stay alive. In today's article we will see in detail the various actions you can take to try to complete adventures and lift you to victory.

Your travel begins

You have a lot to prove if you want to become the most famous in the world of The Witcher hero, but have limited time to achieve. At each turn, you can do two, allowing you to move around the area, get resources to complete adventures and experience the world around you.

The first action of any adventurer worth his salt is the act of travel. Traveling is your main way of moving from one place to another, and also allows you to get clues and other crucial information. When choosing the action of traveling, you can move your model for a route connecting two places. After arriving at a new destination, you get a hint of the same color as shown in your destination. The tracks are crucial tabs representing information, important objects and other items needed to complete your adventure and which will be explained in greater detail in a future article.

Some travel routes can take you to the sea, which can be a great way to go up fast, but can cost enough gold. You can also use a move action to travel for two consecutive routes, but beware! Long journeys through the world of The Witcher are dangerous. Move two routes with a single action forces you to go steal a letter of doom that could have ominous consequences.

For example, Geralt of Rivia could use an action to move from traveling to Mahakam Rivia. Arriving in Mahakam, Geralt receives a red track as shown in Mahakam. Since it did not move for two routes to travel action, Geralt does not draw a card of doom and kept safe from dangerous bandits and meetings that plague the continent.

Investigates events and develop your skills

The second action that can use all the heroes to investigate. By choosing to investigate, draw the first letter of one of the three decks Research: diplomacy, magic or combat. These decks can provide beneficial encounters that give you clues, gold or other advantages. But also they contain setbacks that force you to fight for your life, delay or close the continent into war. Whether they attack with arcane arts as if you accept a lucrative contract, your research you into the world of The Witcher and helps you get closer to complete your adventures.

You can also choose to develop your action to improve the skills and talents of your hero. Choose develop action allows you steal the first two cards in the deck of your hero unique development. These letters to magic potions, spells cunning fellow, weapons and armor as they belong to the hero cards. Choose one of the two cards to keep her and placed the other on the bottom of the deck. Once selected, these cards Development provide a lasting benefit that you will overcome obstacles that have stopped you before.

Your adventures in the Northern Kingdoms will leave their mark. Throughout the time you receive wounds, both mild and severe. When you suffer an injury, you must place it on a specific action. While you have that injury, you can not choose this action. Luckily, you can choose the action to rest to heal some of the wounds your hero, again allowing you to use those actions.

Besides all the actions already noted, every hero has a specific unique action of the hero. These actions often only allow the hero to influence the game in ways that nobody else can. We see the unique action of each Hero in future articles, along with mallets Development of each hero.

First steps on the road

As an example of turn, Triss Merigold begins in Vizima. Your adventure course required to be in Novigrad, but before moving there, Triss wants to see if you can get another home track. As a first action, chooses Triss investigate and draws the first card from the deck of purple Research (diplomacy). The letter is an opportunity to make money, and Triss resolves its effects immediately.

Gets a home track and chart the task remains: for a next turn, you can discard cards Valuable information for five gold each. After investigating, Triss choose to travel and moves by two consecutive routes to Novigrad, through Oxenfurt. Once there, get a clue of any of the colors displayed at the venue: red, blue or purple. Triss gets a blue run, and then draw a card of doom that has been moved by two routes with a share of traveling. Roba and solve the fatal disease Fate card.

After resolving the letter of doom, Triss must resolve an encounter with an obstacle. Obstacles occupy different regions of the map, and can include monsters or doom. We will explain in greater detail the monsters and letters of fatal later Destiny.

After Triss has resolved an encounter with an obstacle, your turn ends and begins the next player's turn.

Enter the world of The Witcher

Your greatest adventure begins in The Witcher: Adventure game! Can you beat your rivals to become the most famous hero from the mainland or disappear after another against ravenous monsters and devious intrigues? Choose your destination and achieved notoriety in The Witcher: the adventure game.

Begin your adventure today with The Witcher: Adventure game!

Recommended minimum age+14
Game time60 min. approx.
Nº of players2-4
Game typeStrategy


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The Witcher: the adventure game

The Witcher: the adventure game

Four-known heroes. Many dangerous adventures. One winner. In a dark fantasy world in which a handful of gold can mean the difference between life and death, monsters terrorize even the most civilized kingdoms. Four heroes face the darkness and embark on an adventure ...

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