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Sale! European expansion for competitive board game Wingspan from Maldito Games View larger

Wingspan European Expansion



We continue to explore the world to include the majestic, colorful and varied birds of Europe

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20,66 €

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In this first Wingspan expansion, we continue to explore the world to include the majestic, colorful and varied birds of Europe. These birds present numerous new powers, including some of «At the end of the round», others that increase the interaction between players and birds that benefit from an excess of cards or food. Like the new bonus cards, we have designed European birds so you can mix them with the original deck (and with the cards of future expansions).

The European Expansion also includes an additional tray to store the growing collection of birds (past, present and future), as well as 15 purple eggs, additional food tokens and a new and colorful scoring pad for both multi-player and solo games .


    81 bird cards (unique and new)
    15 egg miniatures (purple)
    5 bonus cards
    4 Automa cards
    1 custom tray with lid
    1 scorepad (multiplayer on one side, lonely on the other)
    1 regulation
    5 target tiles
    38 food chips
    1 reference tile

Author: Elizabeth Hargrave

Recommended minimum age+10
Game time45 min. aprox.
Nº of players1-5
Game typeStrategy


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Wingspan European Expansion

Wingspan European Expansion

We continue to explore the world to include the majestic, colorful and varied birds of Europe

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