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Gorrinada: The Board Game


A game of arrogance, vilification, anger, poison and bad temper in general.

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The Gorrinada is celebrated! Each player will try to fatten and slaughter their pig before the others. But do not suffer for him, worry better about your friendship because this game will manage to awaken your most piggy side ...

A game of arrogance, vilification, anger, poison and bad temper in general.

Do you want to know how to play?

-In each turn, the player will perform the action if he has not yet performed it and will choose between:

    Lay tile.
    Use a skill
    Roll the dice to move.

Actions: Actions are performed the first time you start your turn on a tile.

    You jump to another tile with the same symbol - sometimes the fastest path, sometimes the only path.
    Destroy an opponent's tile; cut him off and destroy rewards.
    Take the opportunity to double build or rebuild a destroyed tile.
    You build in the pasture of an opponent; Take the opportunity to get rid of the tiles that do not serve you and make his way difficult.
    Get a tile from an opponent and incidentally, with the associated rewards.
    You lose a life; you start with 3 but try to keep them intact.

Skills: they are played only once during the game and are discarded.

    A player of your choice loses 100 kg. An easy way to steer someone away from the target.
    Move a player to the tile of your choice. You must perform the action on your next turn.
    You replace all the kilos in your pasture. You can pick up your weight again.
    Steal an ability from another player. You win, he loses, take advantage.
    This ability does nothing. You will see the face of the one who steals it trying to win something.
    The slaughterhouses played do not work. Slaughterhouse tiles will have to be played again.
    Discard your hand and choose 4 from the deck. You must take at least 2 dehesa tiles. The deck is shuffled again.
    They all go to play the pasture on their right. The game continues from there. Let there be chaos!
    All players give you a life. Feel loved.

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Recommended minimum age+8
Game time20 min. approx.
LanguageMulti language
Nº of players2-6
Game typeStrategy


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Gorrinada: The Board Game

Gorrinada: The Board Game

A game of arrogance, vilification, anger, poison and bad temper in general.

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