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The manufacture of Venetian glass is one of the lagoon's best kept secrets...

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The manufacture of Venetian glass is one of the lagoon's best kept secrets. For centuries, the technique has been passed down and perfected from generation to generation among the families of the guild. Now it is your turn to shine in the manufacture and trade of glass. Learn the secrets of your trade and develop your commercial network to ensure the support of the citizens of the lagoon. You will have to combine a bold strategy and smart tactics to amass your fortune with the “thousand flowers” ​​technique.

Mille fiori is a game by the prestigious and prolific designer Reiner Knizia, author among many other titles of My City, The Lord of the Rings or Explorers. Illustrated by Stephan Lorenz and Marina González, it offers games lasting between 60 and 90 minutes for between 2 and 4 players, ages 10 and up. In Mille fiori the participants embody a glass craftsman and merchant and will try to score more points than the rest.

With beautifully crafted chips that recreate Venetian-style tinted glass and attractive illustrations, Mille Fiori stands out for having an impressive table setting. The central board is divided into several areas where players can place their tokens: the workshops, the residences, the port, the trade section, and the citizen section. Each of these areas has its own symbols; For example, in the workshop there are different materials to make glass and in the city area different classes of citizens.

Each turn, players must choose a card and place one of their tokens on a place on the board that matches the symbol shown on the card. And this is an important choice! Depending on where the tiles are placed, bonuses in the form of points or extra actions will be activated. The game will reward those players who get different sets of symbols, but the necessary cards will not always be drawn at the right time.

In addition to planning well where to place the chips, in Mille fiori you will have to think very well where your rivals can place them. Each turn, the deck of cards rotates among the players, so in addition to choosing the next move, it will be necessary to take into account what possibilities we offer to the rest. For this reason, the strategic component will always be present in the games, which will maintain a high level of tension as points are added and the outcome approaches. The end of the game comes when a player runs out of token supply or runs out of cards in the deck.

With a medium difficulty, Mille fiori is an ideal game for any gaming group. The beauty of its illustrations and components will captivate lovers of aesthetics and the fluidity of its mechanics to the most gamers. Whether you are looking for a good challenge or if you want to spend a pleasant afternoon with family and friends, Mille fiori adapts to your needs. Make history and become the most famous glassmaker in the Venetian lagoon!

Recommended minimum age+10
Game time60 min. approx.
Nº of players2-4
Game typeStrategy

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