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16 Sheep



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16 sheep

Grandpa Eugenio needs your help. The sheep in the herd were playing hide-and-seek and now there is no one to find them! Run. Give him a hand and find the sheep that he asks you to keep them properly in the corral.

16 sheep is a fun game for children created by Eugeni Castaño, teacher and renowned Spanish author of board games.

But beware, it cannot be done in any way. Grandpa Eugenio is very careful about order and he will ask you to find a specific number of black or white sheep. Sharpen your memory, grab some good luck and search behind the bushes to find the right sheep!

16 Sheep is a fun game for children created by Eugeni Castaño, a teacher and renowned Spanish author of board games.

How to play 16 sheep

In 16 Sheep, between 2 and 4 players will have to take turns revealing the bushes that are face down on the table to find exactly the number and type of sheep that Grandpa Eugenio claims.

At the start of the game, place all the bushes (which are pieces of wood) randomly face down on the table, so that the bushes are facing up. Now you don't know what's under each piece!

On your turn, you roll the die. The result will indicate the number and color of sheep that you have to find behind the bushes. It can be a single black or white sheep or either two white sheep or two black sheep. Now go around as many bushes as sheep indicated on the dice. First raise a bush; if the color of the sheep or sheep you find in the bush matches the die, you are correct. If they don't all match, you fail.

You can roll the dice a maximum of three times per turn as long as you hit each roll and you will keep the sheep you find to score at the end of the game.

If you fail, you will have to return the bushes to the table, face down, and pass the dice to the next player.

Although, of course, not everything is so easy. Going around a bush, you might find the wolf or the dog! The wolf takes one of your sheep, and the dog protects you from losing them.

A didactic board game for the little ones in the house

16 sheep is a title from TCG Factory's children's collection of educational games. In addition to being fun, it is a game that allows you to work on skills such as memory or counting, among others. We accompany the game with a didactic guide explaining the uses that the title can have in the classroom, with advice for teachers and families.

Why you will like 16 Sheep

You will like Eugeni Castaño's game especially if you are looking for a game…

     That works above all the memory. Boys and girls tend to like this type of game a lot… and it is also common for them to be especially good at it!
     With wooden pieces that the little ones in the house can handle safely... We have made sure that they have the right size for the recommended age!
     Very fast games that both adults and children will enjoy.
     With a pinch of chance and tension brought by the roll of the dice at the beginning of each turn.

Recommended minimum age+4
Game time15 min. approx.
Nº of players2
Game typeFamily

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