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Abu Simbel



A board game to enjoy with family and friends

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The great temple of Abu Simbel hides an ancient secret. Its halls wait patiently for someone brave enough to explore them. But, as in any great adventure, the path is strewn with dangers. Its walls hide deadly traps, from sharp blades to floors that give way underfoot… and even poisonous scorpions and mummies that come back to life!

Abu Simbel is a board game edited and published by TCG Factory… played standing up and away from the table! Carefully analyze the traps that you find on your way to the great treasure room, memorize them and reproduce the movements indicated by the cards to avoid the dangers. And then do the same but in reverse and from memory to run away with the treasure under your arm!

Crawl to fit through tiny gaps, crouch to avoid the blades giving you that haircut that not even your barber can give you, stomp poisonous giant scorpions and punch the stale toilet paper mummies that cross your path with your fists . At Abu Simbel you will have to do this and much more… literally moving your arms, hands and legs!

A board game to enjoy with family and friends

Abu Simbel presents you with a proposal different from any other board game you have tried. Here it is not enough to sit down, carry out actions and try to take victory without further ado. To play Abu Simbel you will need a good dose of memory, an overflowing imagination and, above all, a desire to have fun.

Lay out the game deck, reveal the first three room cards, and prepare to enter the temple to collect the treasure. To do so, you will have to reproduce the movements indicated by the cards in order. Some ask you to cross bridges over unfathomable chasms, others to cross narrow passages sideways, swim to cross pools of water or even jump from rock to rock to avoid the lava... Take advantage and memorize the traps because, when you already have the treasure in your possession, you will have to escape in reverse order and blindly, without looking at the trap cards. Get it the first time, place a new room card and give the turn to the next person.

And so on until someone fails and the cheat rooms are reset!

Do you dare to enter the dangerous rooms of the Abu Simbel temple!

Why you will like Abu Simbel

You will like Abu Simbel if you are mainly looking for a board game…

     To have a great time laughing with family and friends.
     Challenge yourself unlike any other board game you've ever tried and force you to get up from the table to move your arms and legs.
     Perfect for playing in the pool, the park or at celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries or, why not?, weddings.
     That you can play with the little ones in the house... and have a great time while you do it!


     30 room cards with their corresponding trap icons
     21 treasure cards
     18 amulet cards
     6 mummy cards
     1 card from the great room of the treasure

Recommended minimum age+8
Game time30 min. approx.
Nº of players2-6
Game typeFamily

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