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THE GAME In Posthuman Saga, you will embark on an adventure in a world as wonderful as it is strange, where unknown threats await you at every turn. You will need to search for food, ammunition and weapons if you want to survive. You will have to defend yourself against humans and enemy mutants in confrontations, where the wounds you suffer can cause mutations. You'll meet a cast of strange and memorable characters, and encounter unexpected situations during story encounters, causing you to make decisions with unpredictable consequences. But don't dawdle too long: you need to complete your mission before everyone else does. Your reputation is at stake!


A little over a year ago, you made a journey to the last bastion of organized human society in the area: the Fortress. The community took you in and helped you hone the skills you needed to contribute to their fight for survival.

You are now a veteran member of the Resistance: an organized military force based in the Fortress. They are the last hope of an organized defense against the mutants of the region and they need your help. You have been sent outside the defensive walls of the Resistance outpost network, into the Wild, controlled by the mutants beyond. There are communities of humans surviving on the outskirts with whom the Fortress has lost contact.

Your mission is a journey to make contact with one of these communities, to bring them back into the fold and expand the Resistance's control in the region. But that is not the only task that must be carried out. As more survivors join the group each week, the Stronghold is expanding. There are large infrastructure projects underway and raw materials are in dire need. So you've also been tasked with finding spots where the Resistance can search for parts and materials. The Fortress will send a convoy of trucks so they can bring back what they need, so you should try to find groups of useful things that are nearby so that the trip consumes as little fuel as possible.

You've come a long way from being a lost survivor staggering toward the safety of the Fortress's stacked shipping container walls. There's a constant stream of wanderers, like you, through its doors every week, and in this brave new world, only the fittest survive: if you don't prove your worth to the Fellowship, you won't be welcome in the Keep indefinitely.

It's time to prove yourself and return the favor to the Resistance.

Recommended minimum age+14
Game time30 min. approx.
Nº of players1-4
Game typeStrategy


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