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Apiary (Spanish)



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In the very distant future, humans no longer inhabit the Earth. The cause of their disappearance (or perhaps destruction) is unknown, but their absence left a void available for another intelligent species to fill.

Over the course of countless generations, the humble bee species evolved to fill that void. They grew in size and intelligence, and became a highly advanced society. They called themselves Meliferas.

The Melifers have made important technological advances and adaptations of technology from human remains, up to space travel, but the species has not yet managed to completely escape its own evolutionary history. Although the Melliferous society has surpassed the short lifespan of its predecessors, this longevity is linked to the cost of prolonged hibernation. Each year, members of the species remain active for a few months (working phase) before hibernating for the rest of the year (hibernation phase).

In Apiario, each player controls 1 of the 20 available Factions. Your Faction will start the game with few supplies: 1 Hive, a few resources and some Worker bees. A challenge of placing Workers and building your Hive awaits: Explore Planets, gather resources, develop technology, and create Engravings to show the strength of your Faction (represented by victory points) during the year-long Work phase. However, the Hibernation phase is approaching and your Workers will only be able to perform a few actions before having to Hibernate. Will you be able to thrive or just survive?


     1 learning guide
     1 appendix
     5 player aids
     1 central board (double-sided)
     5 Hive boards
     5 Anchor boards
     15 Honeycombs
     20 Worker figures
     1 Royal Ship figure
     40 Farming tiles
     30 Engraving tiles
     30 Recruit tiles
     29 Development tiles
     20 Faction tiles
     15 Planet tiles
     5 Dance tiles
     45 Seed cards
     15 player cubes
     35 Hibernation tokens
     25 Fiber tokens
     25 Pollen tokens
     25 Water tokens
     20 Exploration tokens
     15 Wax tokens
     12 Honey tokens
     9 Dance tokens
     14 Automa cards
     1 solo mode rulebook
     1 Automa Anchor board

Recommended minimum age+14
Game time90 min. aprox.
Nº of players1-5
Game typeStrategy

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