Regine is a card game with bets designed by Dani Gómez and Josep M. Allué, author of games like The Color Monster, Castellers! or Dragons and chickens

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Regine is a card game with bets designed by Dani Gómez and Josep M. Allué, author of games like The Color Monster, Castellers! or Dragons and chickens. Illustrated by Bea Tormo, between 2 and 4 people aged 10 and over can participate in games that last about 30 minutes. The game takes us to the European courts at the end of the 16th century and the objective is to be the first to reach 31 points.

Watch your back... Because daggers fly! In Regine the interaction between the players is constant, since most of the effects of the cards act on the hand of the rivals. Throughout the game, each player will look for the best combination to score, but they will not always have control over their cards.

The intuitive design of the cards will allow you to learn how they work very quickly. And if you know how to play mus, some rules may be familiar to you. The rounds are structured in 3 phases: construction of the hand, in which the players will try to get a favorable combination of cards, betting and resolution. To start, place the four scoring cards and the 32 betting chips in the center of the table. Shuffle the remaining 40 cards, deal 4 face down to each player, and leave the rest in the center of the table. Everything is ready to start the first phase!

In turns, each player can do 3 actions, one time, in the order he prefers. The first is to swap any cards in your hand for cards from the center deck, or announce “No swaps,” which blocks other players from swapping cards. The second action is to play a card from your hand to form your meld. It can be done face down or face up. In case of doing it face up, the effect of the card is immediately applied. The jester, for example, allows everyone to switch cards with the center deck again; the peasant forces another player to choose a card from his hand and turn it face up by applying its effect; the assassin removes a card that is on the table; the courtesan forces a face down card to be turned over; the trumpeter is allowed to look at the center deck and the knight forces another player to substitute a card from his hand. Finally, the third action that can be carried out in this phase is to pass. When all the players pass, the cards that are still in the hand are lowered face down and the betting phase arrives.

Sharpen your wits, because it's time for lanterns! In turns, the players will bet to add the points of the playing cards. It will be scored for the maximum number of queens and jesters, for having pairs, two pairs or three of a kind and for the sum of the values ​​of the cards. Having a good hand is not always necessary to win points! You can always make believe that those cards covered on the table have one value or another. In the last phase, the resolution, the combinations of all the players are shown and the points are distributed. The rounds will continue until someone reaches 31 points.

Good memory and high doses of mischief will be your greatest allies in Regine, which ensures fast games and hours of fun. Young and old will enjoy it (try playing with grandparents or in-laws who love cards, they will get the hang of it right away), families and friends. Of course, move carefully between knights and courtesans, lest you end up with the wrong cards!

Recommended minimum age+10
Game time30 min. approx.
LanguageMulti language
Nº of players2-4
Game typeStrategy

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