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Age of Galaxy



Ice Makes

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Welcome to the Age of Galaxy, where a new frontier, the Silver Crescent, beckons with its boundless resources. Embark on an interstellar odyssey, where civilizations clash and alliances rise. As the formidable leader of your people, it is your destiny to forge alliances, make strategic choices, and ascend to the pinnacle of galactic supremacy.

Age of Galaxy places you at the helm of a dynamic interstellar alliance comprising three unique factions. Roam uncharted systems, colonize alien planets, delve into groundbreaking research, construct formidable galactic cruisers, and unravel mysteries that defy imagination.

Within this cosmic battleground, five distinct ideologies shape your path to victory. Will you champion the endless pursuit of knowledge with the Supporters of Science? Or wield unyielding might as the Upholders of Militarism? Perhaps, you'll master the art of diplomacy, weave intricate relationships as Diplomacy advocates, or focus on Industrialism to transform planets into bustling hubs of innovation. Alternatively, embrace Culturalism and explore the enigmatic "Relics" that promise spiritual enlightenment.

As the game unfolds across five riveting rounds, you'll navigate a multitude of actions – Colonize, Develop, Research, Explore, Trade, Nominate, Manufacture, Retrieve, or Scavenge. Your hand of seven faction cards holds the key to your destiny. Choose three main factions wisely, for their unique abilities and combinations pave your way to victory. The game’s flexible nature ensures that every decision counts, offering diverse paths to triumph.

In Age of Galaxy, timing is everything. While your first main faction card represents your civilization and must be played early, the others can be strategically deployed later. Will you rush to establish a powerful alliance, or bide your time, modifying your tactics to outmaneuver rivals? Even the remaining cards are not redundant; they can bolster your empire in critical moments or reinforce you just before war.

With over 30 faction cards, each brimming with distinctive abilities and traits, Age of Galaxy guarantees endless replayability in its compact form. Engage in intense interactions with fellow players and navigate the intricate web of star systems, each randomly set up, providing a fresh challenge every game.

After five exhilarating rounds, the player amassing the highest Victory Points ascends to the stars as the supreme leader. Will you be the architect of a new era, guiding your alliance to triumph, or will you succumb to the vastness of the Silver Crescent? The fate of the galaxy lies in your hands.

Embark on your cosmic odyssey in Age of Galaxy – where alliances are forged, choices define destinies, and the stars await your conquest. Are you ready to shape the new Age of Galaxy?


  • 50 small cards (including 40 unique factions)
  • 16 big cards
  • 36 plastic cruisers
  • 8 wooden counters
  • 64 action cubes
  • 1 rulebook (in English)
  • 28 relic/discovery tokens
  • 15 influence tokens
  • 9 explore tokens
  • 5 planets tokens
  • 4 turn order tokens
  • 1 galactic fleet token
Recommended minimum age+12
Game time60 min. approx.
Nº of players1-4
Game typeStrategy

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