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The Settlers of Catan - The Awakening of Humanity



Relive the first steps of humanity with this edition inspired by the classic Catan.

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Take the reins of one of the tribes of Homo sapiens that tens of thousands of years ago spread across the planet. Explore, manage resources, settle new lands, and progress in this fully standalone edition of the classic Catan.

Designed by Klaus and Benjamin Teuber, 3 or 4 players, ages 12 and up, can participate in games that last about 90 minutes. Those who are already familiar with the mechanics of Catan will pick up the game very quickly, as some of the rules are inspired by the original title. For example, to win, players must compete to be the first to score 10 victory points, which can be earned in a variety of ways.

Unlike the original game, in this edition there are no cities, no roads, no knights... They are still thousands of years away from appearing! In Catan: Mankind Awakens, players will lead their tribe to gather resources, explore unknown territories, and spread out across the planet. Through a board that reproduces a world map divided into the classic hexagonal zones, each tribe starts with three camps and an explorer in Africa. At the beginning of each turn, during the production phase, the dice are rolled and if the result matches the value of a hex where there is a camp, that tribe will take the corresponding resources from the reserve: hides, bones, meat or stone.

Players will then be able to spend the resources to perform 5 actions if they wish: trade with rivals, create a scout, move a scout, convert a scout to a camp, and progress. Thus, displacing the explorers serves to build new settlements at the crossroads of the classic hexagons to access new resources. As players expand across the continents, the resources of Africa will become depleted. Therefore, the initial zone settlements will become less and less productive. At the same time, exploring also awards victory points.

Points can also be added with technological and social advances. There are 4 progress markers through which you can progress: clothing, building, food, and hunting. Progressing on these markers will allow players to gain access to new territories on the map and gain victory points. The prehistoric world was full of dangers… When players roll a 7 after rolling the dice, they can move the Neanderthal, which moves across Europe and Asia, or the Smilodon, which moves across the Americas and Australia. The location these two models occupy will prevent those territories from generating resources for their adjacent settlements. Therefore, none of the threats facing players can reach Africa, but neither can progress without leaving the starting zone.

This game cannot be missing from the shelves of lovers of the Catan universe, who will appreciate its unique and original theme, as well as the new ways to obtain victory points. On the other hand, it's also a good option for those who don't know the Klaus Teuber classic and want to get started in modern board games.

Relive the first steps of humanity with this edition inspired by the classic Catan.

Recommended minimum age+12
Game time120 min. approx.
Nº of players3-4
Game typeResource management

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