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Super Mario Malefiz Barricade



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Super Mario Malefiz Barricade is a board game for children in which you will have to compete to be the first to complete the route and reach the castle... yes, you will have to avoid the barricades that will make things difficult for you and the rest of the players who they will try to send you to the beginning again and again.
Mario, Luigi, Peach or Toad... Who will reach the castle first? The game is full of unforeseen events: there are barricades constantly blocking your way and players who can get you into trouble by sending you back to the exit. To win this exciting game, you will need a good dose of luck in the dice and a bit of strategy.
Assemble the puzzle on the board and place it in the center of the table. Each player chooses a color and places the 3 tokens of the chosen color in the corresponding starting space. You will also have to place the barricades on the orange squares of the board. Let the game begin!
Each player rolls the dice: whoever gets the highest score starts. Then in turns, in a clockwise direction you roll the dice and depending on your score, move one of your checkers the corresponding number of squares. On each turn, you can decide which direction to move: forward or backward. There can only be one token in each box. If your turn ends on a space that already has another tile, you steal its place and force it to start over from the beginning. The rule only applies when the token is at the bottom or in the center of the board. If the token is in the light green area at the top of the board, it should only move back to the light green area. The barricades will prevent you from moving forward. In order to jump over them you must roll the dice and arrive with an exact score.

Reach the castle to be the winner!

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