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Feldherr foam set for Starcadia Quest - Core Game box

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This time the journey goes to the far future, to be more precise to distant galaxies. Defend the peace of the galaxy and fight together with your fellow heroes of the Starcadian Alliance against Supreme Commander Thorne and his minions. Of course, this part of the Arcadia Quest series comes again with a lot of wonderful, detailed miniatures and a great variety of game material. To make sure the figures are well protected and you always keep the overview, here?s the suitable Feldherr foam set. The set fits exactly into the original board game box of the Starcadia Quest" core game from CMON. Provides space for all 30 miniatures and the accessories from the basic game. The manufacturer?s original plastic tray is required. Here you keep the game components that came with the tray, like tiles, shuttles, and tokens. Dashboards, campaign sheets, and rulebook can be stored on the foam topper. The set includes: 1 foam tray for miniatures, cards, dice, and counterbases (AGMEWY060BO) 1 Schaumstoffdeckel The foam tray offers all miniatures - yes, even the monsters - a safe retreat. From Hannah Lone to the Octocruels, each figure is assigned its own matching compartment. Tailor-made compartments ensure that the miniatures do not slip around or bump into each other during transport. This not only protects the sensitive parts of the well-detailed figures from damage. When you color your miniatures, you can be sure that the paint is just as safe from abrasion, scratches and flaking details. The large compartment in the middle serves as a storage place for the Quest, Event, Hero, and Monster cards. Two compartments can be used to stow the dice and there is also one compartment left for the counterbases. The originally supplied plastic tray - filled with the game components it came with - is placed first into the board game box. Then place the foam insert with the miniatures on it. The included foam topper closes the whole thing so that the miniatures are safely packed from all sides. On the topper you can place the dashboards, campaign sheets, and the rulebook. Hereby, all miniatures are safely stored, the game material is clearly arranged and you can fully concentrate on the next game (or the optimal color for Digits hair bands)."

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