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Epic Battles: ACW Union Brigade - EN



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The most basic infantry building block was the infantry regiment (referred to as a 'battalion' in Hardee's drill manual, which was used by both sides). In both North and South the infantry regiments were organised on similar lines.

A regiment typically comprised ten companies, each numbering 100 men, supported by staff, drummers and officers. However, the rigours of warfare would summarily lead to a reduction in strength by way of battle, disease and desertion, and a regiment's numbers could vary wildly.

The states of the north had a tendency to allow regiments to fall below an effective level, to a point where a number of such regiments would be forged into a brand-new formation. This sometimes had a detrimental effect as units lost their identities and their associated fighting spirit.

The most common identifier for a regiment was a number and the State in which they were raised ' for example, the '15th Alabama' or the '4th Connecticut'.

This box contains enough miniatures to make:

Three Regiments (of 100 men each) Three Cannons Three Mounted Commanders Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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Epic Battles: ACW Union Brigade - EN

Epic Battles: ACW Union Brigade - EN

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