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Kharnage - EN


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Kharnage is a mighty and fast cards battle game for the domination of a very very important hill. Conquer this highly strategic hill by being the player with the most domination points at the end of the game.


1 rulebook

4 armies, included the Humans with witches and sorcerers, the strong and proud Dwarves, the Orcs and their giant, the cunning and countless Gobelins: 137 Army cards (the cannon fodder of your army)

5 chiefs (Gobelins have 2 chiefs, they cheat before the beginning of the game)

4 Game Help cards

28 Battle cards to give your orders (7 per army)

18 Kharnage cards, won when you totally annihilate one of the army of your opponents

12 Domination cards, won when you are the most destroyer of the game round !

Additional information can be found on the Devil Pig Games website."


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Kharnage - EN

Kharnage - EN

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