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Serena Bowman Information

Serena Bowman first discovered her ability to warp reality when she stepped off the train to Malifaux. She was immediately set upon by Witch Hunters, and though her newfound powers bought her a few moments of respite, she caught a bullet in the head and died. 

The next thing she remembered, she gasped to life on McMourning's operating table. He panicked and killed her, only for Serena to return to life a few moments later. Intrigued, he removed her skin and gave it to one of his nurses to see if the resurrection could transfer with organ donation. It was days before she was able to steal a new skin and flee the horrible laboratory.

In terrible agony, she eventually encountered the dreamer, who taught her how to control her powers. In return, she provided him with a sympathetic ear... and drew Nytemare's attention when the Tyrant realised that she might be able to serve as a potential host, should something unfortunate happen to the Dreamer. 

This is a Neverborn Box Set, containing 1x 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high-quality plastic, and Stat Cards.

Set Contains:


  • 1 Serena Bowman

Stat Cards

  • 1 Serena Bowman
  • 1 Warped reality

Please Note: Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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