Malifaux 2E: Resurrectionists - Carrion Effigy (1)


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32mm Heroic Scale

Life and death always exist in a delicate balance, flowing endlessly from one to the other in a cycle. Carrion sees this flux everywhere, and maintains it with gentle pressure where needed.

Humans have severely disrupted the balance, first with their use of magics and then with the falling of the Red Cage. Now, the fulcrum shifts wildly from one moment to the next, causing things to exist in both life and death at the same time. The balance will be restored, if Carrion must work forever. Even if it must use the Resurrectionists to help.

The humans try so hard to deny death, defying it at every turn. Each one going about its petty little life like it will never end. But Carrion can always see the end, always sense the encroaching chaos and decay that must swallow all things.

Carrion strips away the petty illusions the humans use to get through their short lives, showing them the balance as it was meant to be ...

Plastic components.

1 Effigy
Stat Card

Miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required.


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Malifaux 2E: Resurrectionists - Carrion Effigy (1)

Malifaux 2E: Resurrectionists - Carrion Effigy (1)

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