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Little Gasser Information

Gremlin corpses, as a rule. usually don't get a chance to decompose. If they are killed in the swamp, their bodies are usually either devoured by whatever kiled them or left behind to be devoured by the first scavenger to come along. 

In the few instances where a Gremlin's corpse is left unmolested after its death, the decomposition process produces a high volume of unpleasant gas that escapes the Gremlin's body in the most efficient way possible. These "death toots" are most likely one of the reasons why Gremlins don't get too upset about the deaths of their loved ones; it's hard to be sombre when the departed is constantly releasing squeaking bursts of gas from its bottom. 

McMourning noticed this property of the little creatures and, after a bout of demented giggling, decided to improve upon it. He added poisonous chemicals to the Gremlins' abdomens before stitching and plugging both ends of their digestive tracks, causing the lighter-than-air gasses inside the, to well up and lift the Gremlin's corpse into the air.

Like decomposing ballons, the Little GasserS are at the mercy of the wind, whether natural or, in the case of a slipped stitch, internal. 

This is a Resurrectionist Box Set, containing 3x 32mm 'heroic' scale miniatures made of high-quality plastic, and Stat Cards.

Set Contains:


  • 3 Little Gasser

Stat Cards

  • 3 Little Gasser

Please Note: Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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