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Risk 2210 Ad Ingles

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Risk 2210 A.D. is yet another entry in the long series of Risk variants. Set in the not-so-distant future, battles are now fought by machines of destruction, known as MODS, for short. Human commanders still lead these mechanized troops, but these commanders each have special powers and abilities. These come into play via the use of Command cards, which add a new dimension to the game. Now, the battle is not just for the continents, but the sea and moon are also battlegrounds.

Although much has been added, the basic flavor of the game is still Risk. One welcome change is the institution of a five-turn game limit, which allows the game to play to completion in about three hours. Further, players must also factor in economics in the form of energy. This energy is used to purchase Command cards, bid for Turn Order, and hire new commanders. There is much more strategy and planning involved in this new version, but it should still appeal to the classic Risk fans.

Risk 2210 A.D. contains:

Earth Game Board (20" x 30")

Moon Game Board

5 Sets of Army Playing Pieces

5 Sets of Commanders (Diplomat, Land, Naval, Nuclear, Space)

20 Plastic Space Stations

71 Risk Cards (Land, Water, and Lunar)

109 Command Cards

4 Devastation Markers

1 Year Marker

80 Cardboard Energy Markers (65x"1", 15x"5")

Score Chart

5 Turn Order Markers

10 Dice


Incluye: 1 juego de tablero

Presentación: Caja

Nº de jugadores: 2 a 5

Duración: 240

Edad mínima: 10+

Idioma: Inglés


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Risk 2210 Ad Ingles

Risk 2210 Ad Ingles

Risk 2210 Ad Ingles

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