Test Of Honour (The Samurai Miniatures Games)

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Following the murder of her husband, the widow Takeda Naoko dons the armour of a samurai and rides out to seek vengeance, all the while clinging desperately to the path of honour.


- 18 unique cards - including The Side of Right and Powerful Charge
- 1 metal character model - Onna Bugeisha Takeda Naoko
- 5 plastic mounted figures
- 5 metal'neat bare' heads

The rules for cavalry in the game are very simple (presented on the recruitment cards in this set), but adding even just one or two to your force changes things dramatically. The extra movement multiplied by 3 actions for your hero means you can get your most powerful model exactly where you need him (or her). And an all cavalry force is very interesting to play!
Edad mínima recomendada+14
Tiempo de juego120 min. aprox.
IdiomaMulti idioma
Nº de jugadores2
Tipo de juegoEstrategia


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