Test Of Honour (The Samurai Miniatures Games)

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The masterless samurai known as'ronin' roam the land as mercenaries and highwaymen. The warband of Tadashi'the Dishonoured' has a reputation for using bribes, dirty tricks and even poison to massacre its enemies.


- 18 unique cards - including Hidden Attacker and Dangerous Reputation
- 1 metal character model - Tadashi'the Dishonoured'
- 5 plastic figures
- 5 metal "scruffy" heads
- 2 mulltibases

Ronin have often been presented as noble figures, forced to make impossible choices while seeking revenge for the death of a beloved master. As such this set contains a range of Infamy skills which take your samurai far away from what was considered honourable behaviour.
Edad mínima recomendada+14
Tiempo de juego120 min. aprox.
IdiomaMulti idioma
Nº de jugadores2
Tipo de juegoEstrategia


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