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WWX - Legendary Ichiko Kuga



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Ichiko Kuga is a member of the Japanese spirit walkers known as the Nekomata. She acts as their leader, Komanu Rayon's adviser and close companion. A deeply spiritual fighter, Kuga has the closest connection to other Kami than her kin. After travelling to the Lost World in Antarctica, Kuga used this spiritual empathy to form a connection with one of the exotic species she encountered there. Akarui is a small, timid feline that, when imbued with the spirit of the Kami, increases in his size and ferocity. Akarui permits Kuga to ride him into battle when he has assumed this larger form and the pair make a formidable fighting team.

The Legendary Ichiko Kuga kit contains one multi-part resin miniature

1x Legendary Ichiko Kuga
1x Base


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WWX - Legendary Ichiko Kuga

WWX - Legendary Ichiko Kuga

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