Wild West Exodus


Wild West Exodus - UR-31E Teslabots (Inglés) Ver más grande

Wild West Exodus - UR-31E Teslabots (Inglés)


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Nikolai Tesla is not a man to stand still. He is forever moving forward, tinkering with his designs and dreaming up new and ever more challenging projects. The UR-31E is one such progression from the UR-31 Automata, a design that became ubiquitous to replace lost manpower after the Ore War. These so-called 'Teslabots' are hard-wired with either ranged offensive instructions or more defensive, close order ones depending on their equipment loadout. The offensive units are armed with electrocarbines and can disable or even kill enemies with their highly charged weapons. The guard variants are instead equipped with arc-shields and electro batons.

This product contains

6x UR-31E Teslabots These can be built as either UR-31E Teslabot Guards or UR-31E Teslabot Riflemen 6x Bases

Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.


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Wild West Exodus - UR-31E Teslabots (Inglés)

Wild West Exodus - UR-31E Teslabots (Inglés)

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