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    Wyrd Malifaux


    Wyrd Malifaux

    Wyrd is a game made up of miniature figures with which you can spend some good times with your friends

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    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items


    • Accessories Wyrd

      Scenery, bases and various accessories for Wyrd miniature games

    • Arcanist

      A secretive branch to the Miners and Steamfitters Union, the Arcanists believe that humans should be given free rein to embrace magic and revel in its power. To outsiders of the organization, they are seen as anarchists and criminals, but to those who share their vision, the Arcanists are an ambitious collection of everyday working men and spellcasters that are capable of truly wondrous feats.

    • Gremlins

      Here you will find all Wyrd Gremlins

    • Iconic 75mm
    • Books and Letters Wyrd

      Books and Letters Availables from Wyrd

    • Neverborn

      The creatures that humanity has dubbed the Neverborn are the native inhabitants of Malifaux. Some are the twisted descendants of the world’s original occupants, while others are nightmarish ghouls created through bizarre spells or magically-enhanced evolution. Many Neverborn believe that humanity is a scourge that must be cleansed, but those rare few believe that they have an important role in this world’s greater schemes. Only time will tell.

    • Outcasts

      These hardy men and women are those who seek out an existence free of law and oversight of the Guild and their ilk. The Outcasts often make their way as scoundrels or mercenaries, selling their services to the highest bidder. Often rubbing elbows with those in power, these guns-for-hire take on the dirty tasks others would avoid… or seek their own paths to power.

    • Puppet Wars

      Puppet Wars, all available products from the Wyrd miniatures game

    • Resurrectionists

      A loose cabal of necromancers, grave robbers, and cold-hearted killers, the Resurrectionists have a mutual animosity for the Guild and any that would deny them their morbid curiosities. Drawing upon the unnatural power of the Grave Spirit, these necromancers invoke dark miracles that shake the very balance of life and death and populate the abandoned districts of Malifaux City with shambling undead.

    • Ten Thunders

      Dabbling in assassinations, blackmail, racketeering, burglary, gambling, kidnapping, smuggling, drug trafficking, and anything else deemed illegal, the Ten Thunders is a crime syndicate primarily based in Malifaux City’s Little Kingdom. Sworn to secrecy and expected to willingly give their lives for the organization, members are exceedingly devoted to their cause, which is to ultimately gain control of Malifaux in its entirety.

    • The Bayou

      Nestled to the east of Malifaux City is the Bayou, an expansive swamp with open marshes, flooded wetlands, and acres of pig farms. Beneath the branches is a cobbled-together Gremlin society that mimics the important elements of humanity, like brewing alcohol, shooting guns, and generally being a lethal nuisance to society. The Bayou is a chaotic place, and the denizens will do whatever it takes to keep it that way.

    • The Explorer's Society

      Originally established as a means to reinvigorate the long-dulled sense of adventure of its founder, the Explorer’s Society has since expanded to focus on unfurling the mysteries of Malifaux and beyond. These aristocrats, dark tourists, and pioneers venture into the unknown corners of this world to seek knowledge, discover new locations, and hunt big game. While their motivations are unclear, their recent push to amass rare artifacts is not.

    • The Guild

      The Guild of Mercantilers is often seen as an omnipresent, ever-vigilant force that protects citizens against criminals and the monsters that roam Malifaux. What few people realize is that this strength is a carefully maintained illusion. Protection of the people is a secondary motivation at best; their interests lie only in Soulstones, and each shipment sent back to Earth helps solidify their stranglehold over the world’s most powerful nations.

    • The Other Side

      The Other Side is a game set in the Malifaux Universe where players will be put in charge of troops and gigantic titans with the aim of defeating their opponents

    • Through the Breach RPG

      Through the Breach RPG, all available products from the Wyrd miniatures game

    • Twisted

      Twisted, all available products from the Wyrd miniatures game

    Wyrd Malifaux

    Wyrd Malifaux

    Wyrd is a game made up of miniature figures with which you can spend some good times with your friends

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