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Designed by Incom Corporation, X-wing fighter T-65 model soon became one of the most effective military vehicles of the galaxy and the main asset of the Rebel Alliance in space combat.

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Expand and improve your copy of X-wing!

Designed by Incom Corporation, the X-wing model T-65 quickly became one of the most effective military vehicles of the galaxy and the main asset of the Rebel Alliance in space combat.

This pack includes everything you need to add one Ala-X to your games.


- 9 cards

- 17 records

- One switch maneuvers

- One miniature hand painted with base and pin.

This product is not a complete game. A basic box X-Wing is needed to play.

A little information about the Starfighter T-65 X-wing

The starfighter T-65 Incom X-wing starfighter was the main multipurpose Rebel Alliance and its successor governments. Known for his versatility and exceptional performance in combat, was the favorite of the Rebel pilots and the New Republic. Possessed deflector shields, a hyperdrive, an astromech droid R2 for repairs and navigation, and a complement of proton torpedoes, the X-wing allowed the Rebellion launch attacks in Imperial space with more chances of success.

The Ala-X played an important role in the Galactic Civil War after his capture in Fresia and desertion of its designers to the Alliance. It was announced as the fighter who destroyed the Death Star at the hands of the farmer young Luke Skywalker. Later in the war, defended the Alliance ships and led attacks on ships and Imperial facilities.

Rogue Squadron pilots used the versatile X-wing, using it in most missions, and other vessels used only for highly specialized missions, including missions where ion cannons were required. The Ala-X was predominantly used by the Rebel and New Republic forces, and became a symbol of their faction, like the Star Destroyers and TIE fighters were the symbols of the Empire and the New Empire.

Finally, the T-65 model was overtaken by newer units and updated. However, even with the entry of new fighters to the arsenal of the New Republic, the Ala-X T-65 was still in service.


The X-wing starfighters were some quite maneuverable. They had two pairs of wings Fins-S type, mounted on the rear of the ship on both sides. The lated from each side were usually folded, however, during combat wings unfurled to increase broadcast coverage of the laser cannons mounted on the wingtips. This gave the ship its distinctive "X" when viewed from the front or rear. The Guns of some early models could not be fired with S-foils closed, perhaps as a safety feature. During travel through hyperspace, the S-foils were closed to conserve energy.

On some models already impressive speed was adjusted to allow short microbursts of speed. However, to use this feature, weapons systems had to be turned off and the S-foils locked. Other models used the S-foils locked while using the weapons, but reduced the power and precision.

The X-wings had four laser cannons Taim & Bak KX9, along with two proton torpedo launchers. Other weapons such as missiles concussion, could be installed as alternatives secondary weapons. However, this required a considerable amount of time and effort by technical equipment and overall versatility of the proton torpedo is perfectly suited to varied types of missions X-wings and thus was the chosen weapon. During the early years of the Galactic Civil War, the rebellion had a small amount of nuclear weapons, because of its high price. During the Battle of Yavin, for example, most X-wings had only one torpedo of this type, including Luke Skywalker's ship. To help launch these weapons, had a monitoring team ANq 3.6 installed, giving pilots advanced tactical imagery to aim and launch torpedoes. This monitoring team had a success rate of 98.7%.

The laser cannons X-wing had several configurations:

Single fire, where each cannon fired individually;
Dual fire, where two guns fired at once;
Fire Quad, where the four cannons (one at each end delas wings) fired together, converging on the target, or
Fire stammered, where many underpowered beams were leaving in quick succession (added during the Yuuzhan Vong War).

The sublight propulsion was generated by four engines fusial Incom 4L4 push, which made the speed starfighter in the atmosphere and in space was relatively quick. The X-wing, unlike most fighters of the TIE series, was equipped with a hyperdrive. This caused them to be able to enter hyperspace, and allowed to operate independently of the ships of general support. Fighter squadrons could act on their own, without the need of a freighter, this autonomy was adapted to the rebellion, like their tactics of attack and escape, to perfection.

The fighter had space for a pilot, assisted by a droid (as a unit series astromech droid R2) on an external socket, which monitored the status of the boat and could make emergency repairs. The droid also managed hyperspace calculations, operated individual systems, and could even fly the ship without the help of a pilot. This would allow the pilot to rest during missions, or save routine tasks like putting X-wings inside hangars.

Flight controls Ala-X were similar to those of skyhopper T-16, a hovercraft also produced by Incom Corporation. This meant that the pilots were able to adapt with minimal training. A qualified enough hours in a T-16 recruits could fly an X-wing in hours since the first entry in the ship. Technical rebels used this fact to train new pilots without using any expensive X-wings. This also allowed to train future X-wing pilots in Imperial-controlled planets.


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Designed by Incom Corporation, X-wing fighter T-65 model soon became one of the most effective military vehicles of the galaxy and the main asset of the Rebel Alliance in space combat.

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