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For much of the Galactic Civil War, the Empire used as main battleship the TIE / In game, developed by Sienar Fleet Systems.

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Expand and improve your copy of X-wing!

For much of the Galactic Civil War, the Empire used as the main battleship the TIE / In game, developed by Sienar Fleet Systems.

This pack includes everything you need to add one to your games TIE Fighter.


- 8 cards

- 19 records

- One switch maneuvers

- One miniature hand painted with base and pin.

This product is not a complete game. A basic box X-Wing is needed to play.

TIE / ln, also known cone hunting TIE line, or TIE Fighter TIE Fighter, was the main fighter of the Galactic Empire, with presence throughout the galaxy and the galactic history built hunt.


Appears in: Episodes IV, V, VI
Type: starfighter
Length: 8.99 meters
Weapons: two laser guns
Affiliation: Galactic Empire


"The fighters outdated employed by the rebels are no competition for power and even TIE prototype T-65 X-wing created by the traitors who escaped from Incom is clearly inferior."

The TIE / ln, descendant of starfighter T.I.E. and V-wing starfighter class-Alpha-3 Nimbus, both developed for the Galactic Republic, were manufactured by the construction of ships Sienar Fleet Systems. Besides the T.I.E. and Ala-V, is also related to the TIE starfighter, the first TIE model that was built for the Galactic Empire.

The TIE / ln had one of the most accurate systems manufactured propulsion throughout the galaxy, no moving parts and low maintenance cost. Unlike previous TIE, TIE / ln owned independent generators for the engine and weapons. Lack of energy shields for combat, hyperdrive and life support system, coupled with advanced engine design, reduced the mass of hunting and did exceptionally maneuverable.

The primary armament consisted of a pair of powerful laser cannons. These guns were relatively high power and hit well placed in a fighter or a medium transport could cause great harm or destroy it. He wore launchers equipped, but such weapons could be added if necessary.

Due to the lack of a life support system, each TIE pilots had a flight suit sealed than their counterparts Rebels. The absence of a hyperdrive made them totally dependent on the carriers when deployed in enemy systems. Al TIE / ln was also removed the landing gear, another measure to reduce its total mass. While the ships were structurally capable of "sitting" on their wings, were not designed to land or to disembark their pilots without special assistance.

A starfighter T-65 X-wing Alliance to Restore the Republic the look of a TIE / ln.
The TIE were designed to attack in large numbers, overwhelming the enemy. The Imperials used so many that ended up being considered symbols of the Empire and strength. They were also very cheap to produce, reflecting the Imperial philosophy of quantity over quality.

Contrary to popular belief, the ships had no ejector seat, but the nature of space warfare was often pilots Montaran one under the seat of his fighters for quick escape, preferring to risk a slow death in the vacuum of space by hunger, loss of heat and oxygen.

Design Options TIE / ln could be explained by the questionable imperial military philosophy, which saw their fighters and their pilots as an active prescindidles. Though Imperial pilots were considered an elite unit, also considered disposable article, according to their ideological training.

A TIE / ln damaged, with the mechanisms of solar panels exposed radiators.

As the stormtroopers, TIE pilots had their own alphanumeric identification, eg DS-61-2 (the first two letters indicate the assignment, the next two or three digits indicated the squadron number, and the last last number indicates the ranking Pilot therein). This procedure reduced them to be nothing more than anonymous operators and standardized the imperial war machine. This attitude was reflected further by the lack of any emotional connection with their ships pilots, unlike the rebel pilots who grew up hunting often associated. So for them, every game, refurbished or newly manufactured, was identical.

The side view of a radiator panels of the TIE / ln curiously resembles the emblem of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but it is unclear whether the similarity was intentional. Due to its characteristic shape, the TIE / ln was dubbed the "eyes" by enemy pilots.


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Caza TIE

Caza TIE

For much of the Galactic Civil War, the Empire used as main battleship the TIE / In game, developed by Sienar Fleet Systems.

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