The Elder Scrolls


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Adventure Board Game (Spanish)


Modiphius Entertainment

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Skyrim®: The adventure game offers an unlimited gameplay experience that allows you to recreate the history of Tamriel, combat enemies, search for treasure and thwart a conspiracy that looms over the province of Skyrim. You are surviving members of the Blades, a legendary organization that once looked after the interests of the Empire of Tamriel. Abandoned by your former allies, you must join forces to defeat your adversaries, undertake intriguing missions, and face the emerging threat that seeks to destroy everything you swore to protect. Take on the role of a brave hero and embark on cooperative or solo adventures, with chained missions and mysteries to reveal that guarantee hundreds of hours of gameplay. Develop a unique character, upgrade your equipment, explore dungeons and travel the lands of Skyrim. Accumulate experience, collect treasures and fight against draugr, daedra, dragons and many other creatures. Play through six chapters in two campaigns that span 25 years of Tamriel's history and can be repeated countless times. Every decision you make will be important: choose wisely and you may live to tell the tale of how you, too, were an adventurer before you were shot in the knee by an arrow!


     6 player miniatures
     8 skill dice
     1 Enemy die
     4 Health cubes
     4 Stamina cubes
     4 magic cubes
     18 Armor cubes
     12 Meter Limit Tokens
     4 Final Strike tokens
     72 Skill Tokens
     42 Experience tokens
     42 Gold tokens
     72 Component tokens
     100 Threat tokens
     24 Mission indicators
     12 Player Mission markers
     1 starting player token
     4 Horse tokens
     1 Ulfric's Militia token
     34 Wandering Monster Tokens
     4 character panels
     1 game board
     1 regulation
     1 tutorial/scenario book
     297 Mission cards
     54 Dungeon cards
     67 encounter cards
     25 Follower cards
     6 Character cards
     196 Item cards
     46 Enchantment/Enhancement cards
     40 status cards
     68 Event cards
     20 Nature cards
     20 Population cards
     6 Dungeon Challenge cards
     4 reference letters.

Recommended minimum age+14
Game time120 min. approx.
Nº of players1-4
Game typeCooperatives

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