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    The board games are games that consist of a board and chips of different shapes and colors, which forces to be organized on a flat surface, usually a table, hence its name. According to the rules, which are different for each game, one or more people can participate in them.

    While some games require players to use tactical or strategic reasoning,...

    The board games are games that consist of a board and chips of different shapes and colors, which forces to be organized on a flat surface, usually a table, hence its name. According to the rules, which are different for each game, one or more people can participate in them.

    While some games require players to use tactical or strategic reasoning, coordination, manual dexterity, memory, deductive ability, or other abilities, other games are simply based on pure chance.

    By its nature, board games do not involve physical activity in general, although there are some that involve getting up from the table and doing activities outside of it.

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    Showing 1 - 21 of 4630 items


    • 7 Wonders

      2011 Game of the Year finalist is dynamic, entertaining and attractive. It presents beautiful illustrations on the boards and letters. Game without much difficulty in which you have to create a civilization throughout the Ages I, II and III. The objective is to get more victory points at the end of the game, and for this, each player receives cards with which he can improve his marvel, build buildings or get coins. Being a military power is imperative to be the winner.

      The random designates the board of the Wonder with which you are going to play, anyone will like you, all have some sublime designs, you will have no preference for any. With your Wonder on the table, the purpose is to create a civilization that makes you accumulate more points of victory than your opponents. The counting is done at the end of each Era, and the secret to winning is to have several strategies and use the most effective in each moment.

      Time begins to advance, you are in Era I with 7 starting cards and 3 coins, so choose one of the cards, as well as the rest of the players, to improve your marvel, build a library or trade or expand Your resources. If no option of the above interests you, you can always discard the card in exchange for coins.

      The problem is the lack of resources to progress? You have neighboring cities to your left and to your right, take advantage of your resources, you can buy those you do not generate, do not forget an important fact: you can not deny with the delivery of a pair of coins.

      Era I concludes and it is time to count the points of each player. A construction always has value, but you will get more score if you have more military buildings than your neighbors because you get more victory points, if you have less, you receive them defeat. In Eras II and III dynamics continue the same, just keep in mind that the constructions are complicated, you need more resources and the military buildings are worth more, and you know that the military force makes you arrive with more victory points in the end.

    • High voltage

      Are you interested in making money with electricity? ¿Forrarte thanks to electric power? Well, it's an excellent idea!

      Should you use coal or oil to generate electricity the old fashioned way, or perhaps there is a shortage of these resources later?

      Is it possible that burning garbage has a future?

      There is no doubt that nuclear energy is tempting and also produces lots of benefits (as the government is in charge of waste).

      Of course you could also opt for an environmentally friendly alternative that does not require inputs. But you can cater to all your customers with the energy supplied by such plants?

      You must also closely monitor the competition to see what kind of plants they build, which cities included in their electrical networks depend on what resources and how much interest shown by the newest plants.

      A game of strategy and planning of high voltage with all the available expansions to complete the basic game.

    • Arcadia Quest

      asic table game and all expansions and figures

    • Arkham Horror

      The end is near! We are in 1926. In the city of Arkham, Massachusetts. In the most unsuspected corners of the city portals are opened to places more conceived by a diabolical imagination. From the portals appear the most horrible creatures that lurk behind the corners, on the other side of the door, in your own room. But this is only the beginning.

      It seems like an unequal struggle: you and other researchers will have to decipher the mysteries of the Myths and use all your abilities, weapons and spells to try to stop something that even you can not conceive at all. You only know that you do not want it to happen. Lovecraft in its purest form.

    • Ticket to Ride!

      Ticket to Ride! is an adventure game by train. Players collect cards of certain types of wagons that allow them to connect different cities across the map. The longer tours are, the more points you earn. Who get fulfill their Destination Tickets by connecting two distant cities, and who gets to build the longest continuous rail route, earn additional points.

      Go up on board to have a good time, because the trip starts and ...

    • Battles of Westeros

      Battles of Westeros

      Displays the banners of the Great Houses of Westeros. Each of the Houses of Westeros has its own way to ensure mastery of the Seven Kingdoms and the survival of their families. Some forge strategic alliances, some make use of complex political intrigues, and no part whatsoever of deception and betrayal. But there is a more direct or lasting power than is plotted on the battlefield road. ¿You will come to the call?

      In Battles of Westeros, two players square off in military conflicts located in the fantasy world of A Song of Ice and Fire, George RR series Martin. Players can take part in the battles described in novels, or create your own scenarios.

      Welcome to Battles of Westeros, welcome to a struggle for the Iron Throne as it has ever seen.

    • Settlers of Catan

      Settlers of Catan is a fabulous board game where you have to build your houses and negotiate with your opponents to get what it takes to win.

      The Settlers of Catan is a board game for the whole family.

      Game in which the strategy, the ability to negotiate with your opponents and your cunning will make you win the game.

      It is a game in which the final objective is to colonize the island of Catan, island rich in natural resources like stone, clay, wood, straw and sheep. These materials will be necessary so that you can build towns, cities and roads.

      To build each of them you will need a combination of resources that if you do not have in your hand, you will have to negotiate with opponents until you reach your goal.

      Be ready, use the perfect strategy and be the best negotiator to colonize the Island of Catan!

    • Carcassonne

      The city of Carcassonne, in the south-east of France, is famous for its walled citadel dating from Roman and medieval times. Players will try to make a fortune by placing their followers on the roads, cities, monasteries and farms in the region, a region that will change as the game progresses. Appropriately disposing of these followers, be they bandits, knights, monks or peasants, will be Indispensable for victory.

      Simple but at the same time complete strategy game, agile and fast to play.

      With millions of copies sold, so simple and yet so new in every game, Carcassonne has become a classic of table games that has captivated the world. Create your own territory, use your followers as knights, bandits, monks or peasants and get more points than anyone else.

    • Descent

      An ambitious Supreme Lord gathers his minions in the darkest depths of Terrinoth, preparing to besiege the surface world. Only a group of gifted heroes of great courage and to have any hope of saving the region of the icy clutches of the tyrant. It is time to venture into the darkness and thwart the nefarious plans of the Supreme Lord before it's too late ...

      Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition) is a board game for groups of 2-5 players. One assumes the role of the evil overlord, and the other controlled brave heroes. During each game heroes undertake dangerous adventures deep into caves, ancient ruins, dark dungeons and cursed forests. Along the way they will face monsters, accumulate wealth and seek to thwart the evil plans of the Supreme Lord. This second edition of Descent: Journeys in the Dark board includes modular pieces of double sided endless combinations of heroes and skills and surround a campaign argument that will carry the heroes to an epic fantasy world where you must join forces against an ancient evil.

      The legacy of the first installment of Descent: Journeys in the Dark is developed with this new edition, which reinvents the classic experience with an epic campaign system simple rules to represent highly dynamic tactical battles. Over a series of exciting adventures with a strong story component, our heroes must accumulate power and experience in order to prepare for the grand finale duel against the wily Supreme Lord. But besides that, any of the adventures included can also be enjoyed as a single separate item.

    • Dominion

      With a long list of international awards, known for its striking Dominion system of rules, seen as the cornerstone of the so-called Mallets Games constructible. (Deck Building Games English)

      Dominion each player has a Kingdom (initial deck) and some inevitable desire to increase its resources, a goal that is not easy to achieve when there are three or four players who have the same plans.

      Unlike traditional board games and cards, here each participant must develop its deck and its strategy throughout the game. With a total of 500 cards of different types (Treasury, Victoria, United and Curse), some of them are supplies that are installed on the table (to dominate territories and resources necessary to do so); Then, each player begins the game with a deck of ten cards, which must be purchased with the various supplies that will allow to carry out their plans and increase their point of Victoria.

      Thus, players must strive for the most points in his kingdom Victoria to win the game.

    • Eldritch Horror

      The end of the world is near!

      The world is on the verge of catastrophe. We are in 1926 and a being of incredible power threatens to awaken from his long lethargy bringing death and destruction. Strange cults and terrible monsters sow chaos on every continent as the web of reality tears apart, opening portals to strange worlds. Only a few courageous researchers understand what is really happening. These tenacious souls of all kinds and conditions employ their abilities and weapons to confront the threat of the Primigen. Your task is to explore the remotest corners of the planet to fight the nightmare creatures lurking in the shadows and find answers to the ancient mysteries of Eldritch Horror!

      Eldritch Horror is a cooperative adventure game for 1-8 players inspired by the successful Arkham Horror board game.

    • Humans!!!

      We need brains ... We need ... Humans !!!

      You were a cheerleader, a doctor, a lawyer, or anything else, but NOW you're a zombie and the pesky humans try to kill you again. And because? All you want is a little juicy brain, and they have many. Maybe if you infect more humans, it would not be so difficult ...

      In Human !!! You voluntarily choose to be a zombie. In your "new state" you have new abilities, and you also keep some of your profession when you were alive. Now your job is to wander around the city trying to infect as many people as you can. You need supports for your cause!

      This game can be played by itself or together with a copy of Zombies !!!. If combined, living and dead players will face each other to achieve their different goals in an all against all.

    • Ninja All-Stars

      Welcome to the island of Kagejima and the Kingdom of the Moon. Create a team from six powerful clans, each with their own strategies and traditions on how to follow the path of the ninja. Use all your talent and tactical ability to survive the challenges of Princess Luna and to be victorious against your rivals. Guide the development of your team and prove that it is worthy to serve Princess Luna as protector of Kagejima.

      In Ninja All-Stars® 2 to 4 players compete in a series of Challenges. Between games, ninjas gain experience with which to gain new skills and combat skills.

      Ninja All-Stars® includes spectacular fully assembled Soda Pop miniatures and an exciting community-managed game system designed for leagues. Create an elite ninja team and compete for honor and glory!

    • Rum & Bones

      Rum & Bones is a board game with miniatures in which the players control fantastic pirate crews who face in fierce boarding battles. It is a deep, fast and very strategic game.

      In Rum & Bones, the determined sailors and foremen of the crew of each ship load through the plates to attack the key points of the enemy ship. But the crews are matched, so it will be the heroes controlled by the players who will decide the outcome of the battle! Each faction has five types of heroes at its disposal: Captain, Intendant, Swordsman, Gunner and Brutus, and each of them plays a different role in the battle. Each hero is unique and has its own set of attacks, abilities and reactions with which to crush the enemy or give his crew the push they need.

    • Small World

      Take your races to the domination of a world too small for everyone. Use your special powers, combine them to expand your empire by killing your weaker neighbors.

      Small World is a funny, funny and cheerful civilization game, for 2 to 5 players that will try to conquer and control a world that is anyway Too small to accommodate everyone!

      Using the right combination of fantastic races with special and unique powers, players should hurry up by expanding their empires, often at the expense of weaker neighbors. However, they must also know when to end their civilization and bring it to its decline to lead a new race to victory.

    • Smash Up

      The deck combination game absolutely great!

      What do pirates, ninjas, robots, zombies, aliens and some other things have in common? That everyone tries to dominate the world! But they can not do it alone, so they'll work as a team.

      Each game is a different experience in this dizzying deck combination game. Take two decks of 20 cards, mix them, and let your adversaries hallucinate!

      In Smash Up Each faction has a different style of play: the pirates move cards, the zombies return from the discard pile, the dinosaurs are simply huge ... Each pairing creates a different way of playing, and each game is a different match! Is Smash Up a game without which you can live? Not if you really molas. Choose one side, choose two !, and start the massacre!

    • Star Wars: Destiny

      Take control of your favorite Star Wars characters and decide the fate of the galaxy!

      Upgrade your heroes and villains with emblematic blasters, light sabers, Force powers and more.

      Use fast and frantic duel premium cards and dice to defeat your opponent!

    • Terraforming Mars

      "The transformation of the red planet has begun!"

      We are in the year 2400 and humanity begins to transform the Red Planet Mars. Huge corporations sponsored by the Earth World Government begin projects to raise the temperature of the planet, increase oxygen and cover with oceans to make the environment habitable.

      As progress is made in the terraforming of the planet, more and more people will migrate there from Earth.

      Control your corporation, play project cards, increase your production, place your cities and green areas on the map and fight for milestones and rewards.

      Will you be the Leader of the corporation that leads humanity to live on Mars?

    • T.I.M.E.

      TIME Stories is a narrative game "exploring decks" where each player can experience an exciting adventure in several worlds through the eyes and the features of his character.

      TIME is an agency charged with protecting humanity by preventing temporary defects. Players will be temporary, so that their consciences will be sent to the bodies of beings from different worlds or realities to successfully complete the missions assigned. In addition, do not worry about failure, because failure is impossible: you can go back in time as many times as necessary.

    • Zombicide

      SCIENCE! In its eternal quest for higher levels of productivity, mankind has twisted the animals and plants for their own purposes. In doing so, we have changed ourselves inadvertently ...

      Now, limping killing machines roam the ruins of our world. Now is the time of ... Zombicide.

      Work together. Arm yourself. Level up. Kill them!

      Take the role of a survivor endowed with unique capabilities, and uses both his skills as teamwork against mindless masses of bloodthirsty zombies! The infected horde is controlled by a few simple rules and a deck of cards. Unfortunately for you, the amount of zombies is much higher than your bullets ...

      Play 10 scenarios on 10 different maps created from modules board included, or create your own.

      Find weapons, kill zombies. The more zombies you kill, the better you become, and the more skilled you become, the more zombies appear.

      Bullets, swords, cars and more, the only way out is Zombicide!

    • Zombies!!!

      You are exhausted. You can not keep running anymore. Your gasps sound like the engine of a jet plane, and your body is completely drenched in sweat. A shower would be great. Fuck, you'd settle for catching your breath. Who do you intend to cheat? Ten whole minutes without seeing you surrounded by the most absolute terror and you would be in paradise. Pity that the zombie horde engaged in picnicking does not see it in the same way ...

      Zombies!!!: The card game emulates the imminent zombie apocalypse in the form of a card game. Each player uses his own deck to narrate the story of his escape attempt. The first player to reach the end of his deck will reach the heliport, escape to certain death and win the game.

      The innovative design of the cards allows them to be used by solving the effect of the text of rules printed on their front, or using the illustration on the back to use them as locations.

      Zombies!!!: The card game contains 104 cards with full color illustrations, a die and a complete regulation.

      The zombies are on your heels. Do you have what it takes to survive?



    The board games are games that consist of a board and chips of different shapes and colors, which forces to be organized on a flat surface, usually a table, hence its name. According to the rules, which are different for each game, one or more people can participate in them.

    While some games require players to use tactical or strategic reasoning, coordination, manual dexterity, memory, deductive ability, or other abilities, other games are simply based on pure chance.

    By its nature, board games do not involve physical activity in general, although there are some that involve getting up from the table and doing activities outside of it.

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